Power Play: Stand facing the sun…

Stand facing the sun and the shadow falls behind you .This line comes from Walt Whitman. And it should be said aloud when you are ready to run away from the very thing you should be doing.

A Power Player I know had achieved everything he wanted to achieve. He’d started a business and sold it for a big chunk of money. He’d bought a great house, a great car, helped his family and he’d done it all by the age of 30.

He was semi-retired: no mortgage, no real job, no real relationship and no place to be. He did this for two years and he could feel himself atrophy.

So he decided to face the sun. He upgraded his house (forcing himself to take on a mortgage), he started a new business – two, in fact – and he created an entirely new friendship circle. He dove back into life (head first) and his life was completely transformed.

Three years later he is about to sell one of his businesses for $10 million. He is engaged to a fantastic girl and now he is about to start a university degree to become a schoolteacher: his true ambition. Now that’s facing the sun.


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