Power Play: Stand up for someone

I don’t just mean on a bus. Power Players take the high road when someone has been blindsided or treated unfairly. That line about all evil ever needing to succeed is for good men to stand by and do nothing, comes to mind.

Don’t be complicit in bad behaviour. When someone has been wronged, don’t stand idly by and leave them hanging. Jump in and do the right thing. You don’t have to know the person to help.

A friend of mine once jumped into the middle of a group of thugs harassing a girl. He was just randomly walking by and couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the girl to contend with a group of drunken louts.

Power Players will always do the right thing and stand up for someone who needs the support.

No matter how it turns out (my friend took a few hits from the drunken idiots), stand up and be counted. That’s the job of a Power Player.


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