Power Play: Stop needing to always be right

Truly powerful people don’t put a lot of stock in always being right. They put much more stock in being interesting and original.

Powerful types also know that fresh is the currency of business today. Don’t misunderstand. Powerful types do seem to have a knack for being right when it counts but they figured out early on in their careers that right doesn’t get you noticed or promoted. It’s expected.

What does get you noticed is a brain that can deliver original and unusual. A brain that is nuanced and nimble. If you can let go of needing to be right all the time, you can start focusing on being interesting. So few people are.

Dull, unimaginative, sober and generic seems to be the colour of the boardroom these days. Originality (even if it ends up being the wrong strategy) equals power.

And that’s the type of power play few people can pull off. Learn how to, and you can rule the world.


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