Power play: The ear of power must ring with the voices of the people

Power Players know that power is a lot easier to navigate when most of the people agree with their decisions most of the time.

If the choices made on a daily basis differ wildly from common sense (and what most people think) then building trust and confidence is going to be a lot tougher.

Great Power Players know that having the power of the masses behind them can be a galvanising force. Their choices must ring with the voices of the people or they are going to have a tough time selling in those choices.

Why? Because there will be times when Power Players must decide on a path that is unpopular (but right) because they have the vision and the gumption to take the path that will lead to greatness.

People will eventually see that this is the right choice and understand why this Power Player is in fact the person in the best position to lead. But only because most times power rings with the voices of the people.


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