Power play: The pope, the king and the man who has nothing

Power Players know that sometimes having nothing at all puts a person in the most powerful position.

People who have nothing to lose and nothing to fear can be incredibly strong. Power Players know that power happens on the fringes – the king at one end and the person with nothing at the other.

This Power Play is a call-out for avoiding the middle road and mediocrity in general. Travel lightly and be able to maneuver without any baggage or saddle up with the full force behind you.

Power Players know that what slows most of us down is choosing to straddle the fence. And this place tends to be a no-mans-land. It is neither resolute nor powerful and it usually means that we (either) haven’t garnered a great deal of power at one end or walked away from a bad decision with nothing at all.

All or nothing is a truism for a reason and never more so than when it comes to the gathering of power. 


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