Power Play: The power of accurate observation

This is an incredible skill that only the best Power Players have.

We all observe: all day, everyday. Yet few of us are especially good (and accurate) at it. Knowing how to interpret a situation, how to observe body language and how to read between the lines is pure Power Player gold.

Seeing someone’s face and knowing what they are thinking or feeling is an incredibly powerful gift because it allows you to do the right thing and say the right thing. It cuts out a lot of painful chitchat and it means that you can be more helpful than helpless.

Power Players who have this skill can call a situation correctly. They can also provide extraordinary comfort when required and can keep their mouths closed when silence is the best course of action.

It also makes them look smarter and esteem for their wisdom grows exponentially when they observe situations accurately. Grow the ability of accurate observation. It is an amazing skill to have. 


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