Power Play: The power of conversation is not the same as the power of speech

Speaking is easy. Having a thoughtful, purposeful conversation? Not so much.

A conversation is contingent on one critical factor. Being absolutely in the moment so that you can give your undivided attention to whoever is speaking.

Power Players have mastered the art of true conversation. Listening, responding, enjoying and enabling the free flow of ideas in those great conversations that only happen a few times a year – if you’re lucky.

You’ll usually find a Power Player as a significant part in life’s greatest conversations. We’ve all had at least one of them: the ones that stay in our memory.

The trick to a great conversation is that Power Players block out everything else except what’s being discussed in that moment. Their mind doesn’t wander. They aren’t thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list or the grocery list or whether they remembered to take out the garbage.

When it comes to powerful conversations, they bring it. Every time. 


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