Power Play: Self-discipline is real power

This one is for all those formerly chubby kids who say no to the chocolate cake and stay on the healthy food bandwagon.

It’s very hard to stay disciplined, especially when there’s temptation all around. The most accomplished Power Players know how to activate the self-discipline switch when it’s needed most.

They know how to distinguish between the times when self-discipline isn’t really required and the times when it’s the key to success. Self-discipline is real power because it comes from within. You can’t buy it, borrow it or fake it.

You have to dig deep to find it and it’s yours and yours alone. Power Players know that once they make the commitment to that self-discipline, nobody can distract them. They are in the driver’s seat and with this strength and fortitude comes real, purposeful power.

When you’re looking for external influences to change the direction of your life, perhaps it’s time to look internally. Draw from the well of self-discipline. 


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