Power Play: The power of decision

Not a lot of us are good at making solid, smart decisions. We let these decisions happen to us rather than get out in front of them.

Every day we are able to make choices: hundreds of them, big and small. Yet we act like we don’t have the power to make these choices. Great Power Players make active decisions every day and in doing so they stay away from victimhood.

It’s like the person who despairs about never losing weight as they inhale a king-sized chocolate bar followed by an ice-cream sundae chaser.

We all get to make life choices every day and Power Players own these choices – every single one. Resolute decisions are what we all need in order to move forward.

Power Players are very good at making good decisions. They analyse, they sleep on it and the debate both sides of the argument. Learn from them and your life will be a hundred times richer.


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