Power Play: The power of the crocodile is in the water

Take a person out of their natural habitat and they usually struggle and lose whatever power they have. Most of us are creatures of habit and don’t do too well when we are thrown into unfamiliar surroundings.

Power Players know there are two lessons to learn. First, they need to be adaptable and prepared to roll with it when the situation requires it and they know that difficult people can be thrown off their game if they have their security blanket taken away from them.

Today I watched a seemingly powerful CEO struggle for words when he couldn’t find his speech notes and stumble even more dramatically when he stepped away from his lectern and took questions from the floor.

I used to be terrified of him and after today’s performance I realised he is just a man – who, when taken away from his natural habitat and shield of the lectern, is as nervous and unsteady as everyone else when facing a firing squad. 


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