Power Play: The grace to forget is power indeed

Rose Herceg /

Power Players know when to forget about it. Especially when it’s a massive screw-up of somebody else’s doing.

Reminding them of it is not helpful – even in the slightest. Your job as a would-be Power Player is to simply forget about it.

We all make mistakes (sometimes on a grand scale) and having someone remind us of them is cruelty personified. Leaving the past in the past is what’s required if you intend on being a Power Player.

Once the other person knows that you are not the type to remember all their mistakes, they can relax and likely never make them again. The fact that you take no joy in showing off a long memory is a great gift to anyone who hopes not to have to keep apologising for what they might have inadvertently done wrong.

The next time you have the power to remember some misfortune or to forget it, forget it ever happened.