Power Play: The smallest act of caring is more powerful than you can imagine

Power Players are fantastic at caring. Because they know it’s more powerful than anything else on earth. It’s the small acts of kindness: a smile, a gentle word of support, a shared sandwich.

So many of us race through life without so much as a thought of sharing a human moment. We convince ourselves that it’s not our place or that it’s inappropriate or that someone else should pick up the mantle of kindness.

Power Players step up to the kindness plate. They know that in a world too busy for small moments of humanity, it is easy for any of us to feel sad and lonely. The more others avoid reaching out to us, the easier it is to continue down the track of displacement and isolation.

We all have terrible days and (usually) all it takes is for someone to reach out with a small act of kindness and to bring us back in from the end of the cliff. Power Players keep their humanity alive at all times and they watch for these signs. They are always ready to reach out with an act of kindness.


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