Power Play: The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination

Albert Einstein said it. And he was one smart bloke.

Power Players always have a healthy respect for knowledge, but they also know that imagination is the true gold.

We can all learn and read and study. We can all increase our knowledge base. But the sign of real, undisputed intelligence is imagination.

Having the ability to create something out of thin air, or to conjure up a new idea of throwing something out into the ether that is original and exciting and smacks of newness is not only incredibly alluring but it also shows a great mind at work.

Power Players do everything they can to enable and encourage their imagination. Mental gymnastics, crazy ideas, connecting the mental dots: anything and everything that allows the imagination to flourish. The moral of this story: look for people who have an active and fertile imagination: one that comes naturally.

Choose to have these people in your inner circle because knowledge can be taught. But imagination is God-given.


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