Power Play: There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback

A comeback is one of the best reasons to stay in the game. When the world has ruled you out and everyone around you thinks you’re washed up, you get to have faith in one idea: that the best is yet to come.

A comeback is especially sweet when no one is on your side. It’s even better when not a single person would put money on a successful comeback.

While everyone else has mentally buried you and your career, you can plan your comeback. It’s thrilling because it means you have to work without a safety net. And because you’ve been written off, you can be a lot more adventurous in your approach.

And here is the single most comforting thought: because nobody thinks you’ll win, you’ve got nothing to lose. This makes you incredibly powerful.

Some of the greatest comebacks came just after the most dramatic crash and burn. And this is what’s most exciting. 


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