Power Play: Think like a client to catch a client

For most businesses, adding new business is oxygen. If you’re not converting new clients, you’re going backwards. Power Players know this. This is why they spend most of their time thinking like clients. Why? Because to catch a client you need to think like a client.

Power Players have an innate ability to see everything through their potential clients’ eyes. What they need, what they want and what will make them move from some other company to them.

Power Players know they need to think like a client to catch a new client. And it’s amazing how few of us do this when we are pitching new business.

Power Players put themselves squarely in the shoes of their prey. They become the client and take an external view of their own business and how their offer appears to the potential client. Is it attractive? Will it do the job? Does it fall short? The only way you can catch a client is to behave exactly as they would.


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