Power Play: Though pepper is tiny, its taste is powerful

Sometimes power can come from the smallest gesture or a single word. A look, a raised eyebrow, a pause – power doesn’t have to come in the form of big stuff.

It can come just as easily (often more effectively) in the form of the tiny and seemingly insignificant.

Power Players understand the power of the subtle and the nuanced. In order to play to the tiny gesture, they learn to take the time before they react.

They take a breath and they pause. They don’t look for ways to make a grand gesture: they look for ways to make a subtle statement.

Subtlety is a lost art in our world today. The most potent Power Players have brought back this subtle touch and practise it to perfection.

Because it is so foreign in our loud, brash world, tiny things make a mighty impact.

This can make tiny surprisingly big.


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