Power Play: Tomorrow is a new day

Power Players (like the rest of us) can have particularly crappy days: the kind where you contemplate running away to Jamaica and getting a gig behind a bar.

Rather than overreact and lose their heads, Power Players wallow in the awfulness of the day, get a good night’s sleep and wake up to a new day. There is always a bright, shiny new day tomorrow.

Power Players treat each day like a chance for redemption. Hokey, maybe: but it’s an excellent lesson to take from Power Players. The very best ones have a unique way of wiping the slate clean after a bad day and giving the new day everything they’ve got.

For every shitty day, there’s a good one just around the corner: it’s the law of averages.

One of my favourite Power Players used to look into my face (when we were having a particularly bad day) and stay out loud: “Tomorrow, Rose, is a new day. Giddy up.”

Giddy up indeed.


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