Power Play: Turning a wrong into a right

Every single one of us has made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. This is the price of admission for being human.

The thing that separates the Power Players from the pretenders is that they make it their business to fix the mistake. We all have the power to make something right. It simply involves taking responsibility for the screw up and then committing to getting it right – in whatever form that takes.

It’s astonishing how few of us focus on turning things around. Most of us are fixating on the getting it wrong part that we forget pretty much everything is fixable.

Spend more time fixing up mistakes, and less time freaking out about them.

Power Players also know how to cut themselves a break when they mess up. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time, and they are comforted by what every great American president tells the next: mistakes happen. Minimise them. Fix them. Move on.

And if it’s good enough for POTUS it’s good enough for you and me.


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