Power Play: Unity is power

Stand together, stand strong. Power Players know this move by heart. Nothing smacks of strength and resolve more than when a team stands together shoulder to shoulder. It tells the competition that they cannot find a chink in the armour because there isn’t one to find. The team is impenetrable and every single person is in ardent agreement.

Unity is rare in this world – and in this era of business. When it presents itself it should be grabbed with both hands and paraded as a sign of strength and purpose.

Opposing forces love to find weak points so that they can squeeze them and manipulate them. When there isn’t one to manipulate, it makes it so much harder for negative types to get inside the heads of the team and cause havoc. If a Power Player can inspire unity in their own team, it makes their job about a hundred times easier. Energy can be directed to the job at hand rather than in keeping the team speaking with one voice.

Power Players know the true value of team unity and they do whatever they can to promote this every chance they get.


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