Power Play: Walking away is power

Hedging never got anybody anywhere, which is why Power Players need to have the ability to walk away. If you don’t feel good about it and you know it’s basically wrong, then you absolutely have to walk away.

Power Players always reserve the right to walk. They take back whatever power the opposing side thinks they have over the situation.

When we are up against it, or unsure, or feel powerless, we stay. We stay in bad jobs, bad relationships and bad friendships. We think that walking away is not in our power and is therefore not a road open to us.

The thing is, walking away is always a choice open to every single one of us. There might be mess or pain from walking away, but nine times out of 10 it will not be any worse than staying in a situation that is truly awful.

When it’s not good for you or not healthy for you to stay, walk away. There are better things ahead.


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