Power Play: Watch and read power

Power Play: Watch and read power

Power Players are suckers for the way benevolent power is portrayed on the big screen or in books. They watch and read as much material as they can get their hands on.

Sometimes it really is benevolent, like The West Wing’s Josiah Bartlet or Meet Joe Black’s William Parrish. Sometimes it’s watching the power of The Godfather’s Vito Corleone. Or maybe it’s Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games or reading Winston Churchill or J. Edgar Hoover.

Whatever it might be, Power Players like to read and watch how others wear their power. Do they wear it lightly? Are they cruel and unusual? Where do they draw the line? How do they deal with feelings of doubt or self-loathing?

Never underestimate the stuff you can learn from simply watching others wear or use their power. Watch, read and observe as much as you can. The world’s greatest Power Players always do.

The story

My friend reads biographies of leaders and presidents. He loves to learn all about them and he sees it as the cheapest MBA there is.

I always used to think it was hilarious but not anymore. He’s right.

Learn from those who’ve gone before. Learn from those around you. Soak it up and watch examples of the power you admire, as well as the uses of power you reject. Watch and learn.


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