Power Play: What’s the next step? You decide

We live in a world of options.

Too many of us have forgotten the power that lies in having the ability to decide the next step.

The future doesn’t just happen to us. We get to fashion it each and every day. We navigate the course our lives take and we are beholden to nothing and to no one about those decisions.

Too many times we look to blame others for our choices or we abdicate responsibility for them.

We’d prefer that someone else decide on our behalf, because then we get to point the finger if it all goes to hell.

Whether the decision is a good one or a bad one, it is far better than living in a world of limbo. Indecision is the enemy of character and it is more damaging than making (what might turn out to be) a wrong decision.

There is also something strong and hopeful about making a definitive choice. It indicates a level of faith in the situation turning out well. Make decisions. It’s healthy and it’s powerful.


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