Power Play: When doing nothing is the most powerful thing you can do

I once heard a terrific line about the American presidency. And it’s this: people think the presidency is about doing something, usually it’s about not doing something.

Not invading a country or not blowing North Korea off the face of the earth.

The greatest power players know that the best use of power is sometimes doing nothing at all. Some situations can resolve themselves without any interference whatsoever.

The real power lies in knowing the difference. Power doesn’t always have to be used. And there is something pretty great about not using it. Not only because it can be a smart move, but also because it’s usually very hard to leave power alone.

Most of us want to use it any chance we get – like playing with a slinky when it’s sitting there on a counter. Next time you are faced with a situation where you can use your power, but it would be better if you did nothing at all, don’t be tempted. Leave power alone.


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