Power Play: When you’re on a roll, roll!

Power Players know when to roll with it.

Serendipity in business doesn’t happen all that often and sometimes it happens at the least opportune times.

Just because it doesn’t fit the timing plan, Power Players don’t ignore this good fortune. They can recognise a patch of very smooth sailing and they can appreciate how rare it is when things naturally fall in to place.

So when they find themselves on a roll, they roll with it. They change timing plans and they take advantage of karma, luck or whatever you want to call it.

They let go of their preconceived ideas and best-laid plans and don’t let themselves feel discombobulated about this new change in direction. They roll with it and they improvise.

Making it up as they go is seen by Power Players as a liberating experience and they relish the chance to work without a script and without a safety net. Try it the next time you’re on a roll.

Deviate from the plan and see where it takes you. I’m betting money it will be to a better destination than the one you first planned.


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