Power Play: Whoever is new to power is always harsh

Power Players are forgiving to those who are new to power. They know what the rest of us don’t: first-time power is like first-time alcohol. You drink too much too soon and work out pretty quickly how terrible a crushing hangover really is.

When you get the chance to take your newly-acquired power out for a spin, try to be as gentle as you can. It’s inevitable that you will get a little drunk with the power – at first.

This is why you should never judge somebody who is new to the power gig. Power Players know that this is usually a passing phase and honorable Power Players soon calm down and wield their power with decency and generosity.

If you have been looking forward to having some power of your own, don’t blow it as soon as you get it.

Remember what it is like to be on the receiving end of power gone mad.

And if you do go a little crazy, get it out of your system quickly and return to earth.


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