Power Play: Why democracy bites

Power Players are familiar with that old Winston Churchill chestnut: “The best argument against democracy is five minutes with the average voter”.

Power Players love democracy throughout the world but they don’t love it in business. Nothing great ever came from a democratic process in a boardroom. The most successful companies have a clarion voice. One that is crystal, visionary and usually correct.

Democracy is for emerging economies. Power Players look to be leaders who lead their people to success. It might sound a little pushy or even like a dictatorship but here at LeadingCompany we like to call it “benevolent dictatorship”.

Power Players don’t try to do democracy to make people feel good or feel included. They know that it rarely works and leads to a lot of workshops and torturous discussions that result in not very much at all.

Power Players will tell you this: get your democracy hit at the next federal election. In the office you’re the leader, yes gracious, of course, honest, but above all visionary.


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