Power Play: Your words have wings

Power Players love words. They also know the power of words. All words, whether cruel or kind, have wings. This is why the best Power Players rarely let something fly out of their mouth without first understanding its raw power.

It’s very easy to speak first and apologise later. And no apology can fully erase the damage done by a set of cruel words.

Power Players rarely suffer from the “blurt it out” affliction. They have a wonderful way of hearing their words out loud before they say them. If only every single one of us could be born with this talent.

Some well-placed words with just the right tone can transform a person’s life. I’d bet good money that every single one of us can remember a set of words that have had a real and lasting effect on us: be it good or bad.

Long ago I told a close work colleague that working with him was a joyful experience. Eight years later he told me that on his bad days those words kept him going.

Your words have wings. Be careful with them.


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