Power Play: You’re not God!

Power Players don’t fall into the trap of the God complex.

They aren’t superhuman. They can’t fix everything, and they know this from the start.

This is especially true when things are going particularly well and the inevitable hubris sets in.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a shot at making a big play, even if it will never happen.

Why? There’s a saying I once heard that I absolutely loved from a West Wing episode, and I’m paraphrasing now, but it went something like this: ‘You can’t fix everything but I do like watching you try.’

It’s the trying part that is especially wonderful about Power Players. Not the part about them being God-like.

The crème de la crème Players know the difference between trying to fix an impossible problem (and why they should try) and walking around with a God complex. One is good and noble: the other is an unmistakable characteristic of douche-baggery.

You’re not God: and don’t even try.


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