Power Play: At times you only need the illusion of power

Power Players have learnt the big lesson: how to know the difference between actual power and the illusion of power.

Oftentimes, illusion is all you need. Just the whiff of some power can get a clued-up Power Player across the finish line.

Inference, pretence, possibility and suggestion – these are all excellent words when creating the illusion of power.

Power Players know that most of us can’t help ourselves when we get the opportunity to imagine the ending of the story all on our own. If someone infers or gently suggests, we already have the ending written beautifully in our heads.

If people believe that you have the power, they will act accordingly. And sometimes when actual power isn’t available, the illusion of it will do just fine. Ask any Power Player who has stretched the (power) truth when the real thing simply isn’t available.


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