Small business missing from 2020 summit

Small and medium sized business owners and their representatives have been largely overlooked in the selection of participants for the Rudd Government’s 2020 summit this month.

Academics, journalists and big business representatives dominate the 1000 strong list of people invited to the summit, which will be held in Canberra on April 19 and 20.

One participant who will bring a small business perspective is Patrick McKendry, who until recently was head of the Queensland based National Retail Association.

Australian Business Foundation chief executive Narelle Kennedy and Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout will also help to bring a small and medium sized business perspective, although neither are specific representatives of the sector.

Noticeable by their absence are the leaders of many of the national businesses groups with a small business focus, including the Council of Small Business of Australia and The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Big business group the Business Council of Australia is well represented, with former chairman Michael Chaney and Deputy Chief Executive Melinda Cilento both selected.

The big corporates themselves will also have a big voice at the summit, with senior executives or directors of companies such as BHP Billiton, Fortescue Metals, Qantas, Telstra and Macquarie Bank all attending.

Who do you think should have been invited? Email [email protected]


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