How to help the ‘younger you’

How to help the 'younger you'


I am the first to warn that in the business world if you trust no one, you are off to a good start. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trusted.

Business is often a cruel world and people will block you or even shaft you. However, this doesn’t mean you need to do the same in order to survive.

When you first started out in your career or in your own business, it was hard… right? You were still finding your place, struggling to build networks and to get business, and feeling your way through the minefield of what to do, how and why.

However, there were most likely a few people that helped you along the way.  So, now that you are more comfortable in your journey, is it not time to help the ‘younger you’?

Don’t let yourself be hardened by the business world — no matter how badly it has treated you as you fought your way to where you are (and, of course, we know you are STILL fighting!).

Be an example to others and try to at least do one or more of the following without expecting anything in return:

1.    Mentor a student or young person who has just entered the workforce. Remember back to the time you had projects to start and no idea what to do… and a simple conversation with a mentor would have put you at ease and helped you find your feet.

2.    Speak at your old school and motivate the students on how to reach their goals. Be realistic, but optimistic that anything is possible with hard work.

3.    Invite someone onto a board with you. See the benefits of having fresh input at board meetings with an up-and-coming star rather than feeling threatened by their unique talents. You have talents too… remember?

4.    Motivate. When you see someone genuinely needing direction and advice, take the time to let them know what the future holds for them in business. Motivate them but be pragmatic about what it takes to make it in the business world.

5.    Listen. Sometimes just sitting there and listening to other people can encourage them more than you realise. Don’t be so anxious to dismiss someone at an event who is sharing their newly found passion with you.

Don’t forget how much you learn by teaching. Whether you’re guiding, mentoring or coaching, you yourself will also grow and develop through the process. Do it for them, and do it for yourself as well.

Amanda Rose is the only ‘strategic connector’ in Australia, a brand strategist, speaker, host of Amanda Rose TV, founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by Follow Amanda on Twitter.



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