Things I learned this week about the state of eCommerce in Australia

I attended an eBusiness roundtable this week at which I learnt quite a few interesting things.

Below is a list of things that I gleaned from the various speakers who presented.

  • LoSoMo = the trend towards local, social and mobile.
  • The internet represents a $50 billion contribution to GDP in Australia (the same size as iron ore exports).
  • 36.7% of all music sales are now done online.
  • The Google campaign with MYOB, “Getting Aussie Businesses Online”, was considered a success – now about 50% of all Australian small businesses have an internet presence.
  • One in every 12 retail dollars is spent online. This number excludes travel and airlines, and group buying (which is not considered eCommerce because they are selling promotional coupons).
  • 30% of eCommerce transactions go offshore, mainly to the US.
  • 50% of all purchases made in Australia are influenced by an online presence.
  • 25% of all searches are now done on a mobile device.
  • 2% of people who visit an eCommerce site will make a purchase, i.e. one in 50 visitors will buy something.
  • By 2013, more purchases will be made on mobile devices than on desktop machines.
  • Google search results on a mobile device will prioritise in presenting results for sites that have a mobile version.
  • Group buying is in massive decline.
  • – check it out.

To be a robust technology-driven economy, Australia needs:

  1. 1. Infrastructure (NBN – it is all about speed)
  2. 2. People – build a culture of skilled innovators and invest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).
  3. 3. Ideas – focus on the customer experience and the great innovations will follow.

Naomi Simson is considered one of Australia’s Best Bosses. She is an employee engagement advocate and practices what she preaches in her own business. RedBalloon has been named as one of only six Hewitt Best Employers in Australia and New Zealand for 2009 and awarded an engagement scorecard of over 90% two years in a row – the average in Australian businesses is 55%. RedBalloon has also been nominated by BRW as being in the top 10 Best Places to Work in Australia behind the likes of Google.

One of Australia’s outstanding female entrepreneurs, Naomi regularly entertains as a passionate speaker inspiring people on employer branding, engagement and reward and recognition. Naomi writes a blog and is a published author – and has received many accolades and awards for the business she founded –


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