The top 10 most popular leadership articles on SmartCompany in 2017

Roger Federer

What makes a great leader can be an elusive concept. While there is no shortage of useful research or academic papers that delve into the characteristics of effective leadership models, it’s often in the doing that the most pertinent leadership lessons emerge.

This may be one reason why insights from prominent leaders about how they make decisions, or why they do what they do, can be so powerful. We’ve found that to be the case throughout 2017 when it comes to SmartCompany content about leadership; articles about Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and even some of the leaders within Aldi Australia, are among those that have captured our readers’ attention this year.

Catch up on the 10 most popular leadership stories published by SmartCompany this year, plus five articles from our archives that readers have found useful this year.

From 2017:

  1. Do you make these four common mistakes when giving a presentation? 
  2. Why BKindred founder Penny Locaso wore nothing but a swimsuit while delivering a professional keynote presentation
  3. Twelve books every ambitious entrepreneur should read
  4. Five lessons in success from tennis champion Roger Federer
  5. How Elon Musk runs his “famously efficient” meetings
  6. Richard Branson on why we need to re-think dyslexia: “It’s merely a different way of thinking”
  7. Ten inspirational TED Talks from those outside the world of entrepreneurs
  8. The most “powerful” Australian chief executives and founders on LinkedIn revealed
  9. How being called a ‘hypocrite’ taught Dropbox chief Drew Houston the importance of company culture
  10. Why Aldi Australia executive Joanne Brown strives to develop emotional intelligence in her team of 500 workers

From the archives:

  1. Why Mark Zuckerberg and other business leaders wear the same clothes to work each day
  2. What does values-driven leadership mean?
  3. Ten better questions we can ask our politicians
  4. Origin of the species: Is ‘chairman’ a gender-neutral term?
  5. What Atlassian did when they realised they’d hired an “arsehole”

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