Two things that will make your day more productive, according to this serial entrepreneur

Two things that will make your day more productive, according to this serial entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs have to take on many different roles while running a fast-growing company.

Whether it’s managing cash flow, brainstorming with the marketing team, helping roll out a new product – or all these things at once – business owners often lack the time they need to get everything done.


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With this in mind, it’s no surprise that some entrepreneurs don’t hit the sack until 2am and start the next day at the crack of dawn.

While it isn’t possible to increase the number of hours in the day, it is possible to make the hours you do have go that little bit further.

Writing in Inc, AJ Agrawal, chief executive of alumni engagement app Alumnify, says entrepreneurs need to do just two things in order to make their day more productive.

The first thing business owners need to do, according to Agrawal, is write down three things they are grateful for each day.

That way, your day will be put into perspective and you’ll have a positive attitude right from the start.

“Starting the day by showing gratitude for what you might take for granted will make you a happier and more appreciative person,” Agrawal writes.

“Being happier will make you more productive, make your team like you more, and will help you become a better leader professionally and personally.”

Agrawal points out that an entrepreneur’s to-do list never seems to get done, which leads into his second tip for better productivity: instead of having a massive to-do list, write down just three things that will make today a success.

The list could include things such as filing a company report, or simply taking your partner out for dinner.

“Focus on the things that will be in your control,” Agrawal says.

“By focusing on just the three things will make the day great, you give yourself a much higher chance of feeling accomplished by the time you go to bed.

“When we think about it, it usually is only one or two tasks that once completed make us feel that the day was productive.

“Find those tasks first thing in the morning, and solely focus on getting them done to optimize your happiness for the next day.”

How do you make your day more productive? Let us know in the comments below.


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