Power Play: True power doesn’t rely on PowerPoint

Power Play: True power doesn’t rely on PowerPoint

I read somewhere that ‘PowerPoint is the last refuge of the weak and feeble’.

If it were up to me, PowerPoint would be illegal, like speeding: you get a fine in the mail and you have to pay it or you get demoted. Harsh? Sure.

But real Power Players know what they are talking about, and they don’t need a predictable and antiquated display to convey it. Power Players make certain that their presentations count. They shoot for just 20 minutes of talk-time and allow themselves a little visual theatre to bring their narrative to life.

Short, sharp and illuminating information doesn’t need more than 20 minutes and Power Players are given extra points for pith.

True Power Players are fantastic storytellers and the liberation that comes from losing PowerPoint is a big step on the road to becoming truly powerful. Try it as soon as possible.

The story

A presentation I once saw blew my mind.

The presenter got up and spoke for 20 minutes without so much as a single PowerPoint slide. All he had was a beautiful speaking voice and a black marker to make some key points on butcher’s paper.

He was enthralling and had the entire room eating out of the palm of his hand.

I loved being in the room that day and as long as I live I shall never forget it.


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