What is stopping you?

Do you know what drives you? Sorting this out can make your purpose crystal clear. NAOMI SIMSON

Naomi Simson

By Naomi Simson

What is stopping you? Maybe nothing. If you are a person who is focused, positive, driven and has a clear sense of purpose, then read no further… get back to it.

If you ever find yourself wondering why other people seem to have all the luck, other people seem to be successful, and other people seem to be driven by a purpose, then perhaps this is for you.

Do you know what drives you… your purpose?

Gifting in Australia has to change… this keeps me focused, people around me understand that I cannot stand the waste that is caused by unwanted gifts and that giving a gift is an intimate activity that can either enhance or break a relationship.

My purpose was not always so clear… when I started my career I thought it was all about getting somewhere. “When I finally make marketing manager then I will be happy.” “When I am married then I will be happy.” It is a journey and each day must add a little bit more.

Purpose came to me about 15 months into starting RedBalloon, once I saw the difference I was making to other people’s businesses. It unfolded, bit by bit, and then I realised that all that I had done before added a small piece to what was needed to fulfil on the dream.

Having just given a keynote for 1000 business owners – the thing that limits us most is our fear of failure and ridicule. We often forget to dream. What if the dream does not come true? What if we don’t dream? As leaders our role is to dream, to articulate the vision. And find a fantastic team who are able to deliver upon that vision.

I heard that Dave Freeman, co-author of 100 Things to Do Before You Die, died a few days ago, from a very ordinary accident (he fell over at home and hit his head). He wrote the book about a decade ago. And the sad thing is that he only got half way through his own list of all the places he listed as “must do’s”… he died at 47.

I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to be, have, do, learn, experience in my 101 list earlier this year. It was such a fantastic experience that I asked each of my team members to do the same. And I have promised to make at least one dream come true a month for one RedBallooner.

I challenge you. The future is the one that you imagine.


Naomi Simson is the founder and CEO (Chief Experiences Officer) of RedBalloon Days, Naomi is passionate about pleasure! Backed by enthusiasm, energy and drive and recently named one of Australia’s best bosses (Australia’s Marketing Employer of Choice), the Entrepreneurs Organisation (Sydney Chapter) President 2007 – 2008 and mother of two, Naomi also inspires others as a regular speaker, writes a blog and has recently completed her first book .

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