Like Hillary, I use my cleavage in the business. Should I feel guilty?

Dear Aunty B,


I was reading about all the hoo-ha over Hillary (Clinton) showing a tiny bit of cleavage on the weekend, and I have a confession to make.


I run a company in a really blokey industry and have encountered a fair bit of sexism over the years. I have to use every single advantage that I can – and I am afraid on the rare occasion that has included cleavage.


However, after reading about all the women who have written in to the Washington Post furious at both the writer who brought Hillary’s cleavage to the attention of the world – and it seems Hillary herself for not wandering around in purdah – I now feel guilty. Should I cover up?


Fishermans Bend,





Dear Guilty,


Quite frankly you should feel guilty – for shifting our debate from weighty issues like work/life balance and maternity leave on to cleavage!


You have also successfully caused a ruckus in our workplace this morning as it appears a few women at SmartCompany are all in favour of Hillary showing a little cleavage while others, including the editor, is horrified we are even discussing the matter on such an esteemed tome as SmartCompany.


But Guilty, you asked my advice, not theirs.

So here it is. I am all in favor of a little cleavage in politics or business (yes, you may have noticed a new revealing shirt that I have on today to show allegiance to sister Hillary.)


First on feminist principles. Women should be able to wear whatever they want, whenever they like, wherever they like.


But second because I consider cleavage, make up and a skirt just over the knee as a business woman’s revenge on the golf course, exclusive male clubs and urinals. We all know the world of business and politics is horribly sexist and blokey – from footy tipping first thing on a Monday morning to dirty email jokes on Friday afternoon, and everything in between.


I say, let a woman get ahead anyway she can. And quite frankly a man who is silly enough to be gobsmacked by a little bit of flesh gets what he deserves.


Besides, I quite fancy the hairy wrists of a male that peep out just below a crisply laundered white shirt cuff. Should all men be made to cover up their hands? I think not!


Join in the great cleavage debate. Should women in business and politics cover up? Should they wear what they like?





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