How to make sure you actually take holidays

Scott Kilmartin is the founder of green businesses Haul and Riveting, which recycle rubbish into green products.

He says coping with the pressures of entrepreneurism is never easy.

‘At various points and times I’ve almost gone a bit loopy because you’re just so entrenched in it. You forget to have holidays, all the things that you know you should do but often don’t get around to doing. I guess maintaining fitness is a big thing. I’ve got a dog, so when you’re in the middle of the day and it’s all getting a bit heavy and you are going ‘what am I doing here?’, simple things like taking the dog to the park for a walk can often clear the head.”

“There’s no silver bullet answer there. Definitely having holidays is a big one and all the entrepreneurs that I talk to say when you come back you’re your previous holiday, book your next one because 18 months go by and you’ve kind of forgotten to take one and you don’t realise you’re burning out.”

Read the full interview with Scott Kilmartin.


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