Power Play: Get comfortable with constructive anger

Power Players have a healthy attitude towards anger.

Not the crazy, destructive kind that ends up in handcuffs, but the kind where you need to express how you feel so that resolution can ensue.

Honest anger is much better than passive aggression (you know the awful kind where you ask someone how they are and they tell you they are fine but they are actually pretty pissed off).

When Power Players are angry, they say so. They do it immediately – and most importantly of all – calmly. Constructive anger can achieve a great deal in an office environment. It can tell your team that you are very disappointed and that their work or behaviour (or whatever it might be) falls short.

Anger isn’t a dirty word. It is an important emotion and one that is usually misunderstood and hidden away.

We all feel anger from time to time and many of us shy away from admitting this truth. Power Players see it as part of the human condition and a realistic reaction in the workplace. If it leads to honest feedback that can lead to a solution, it’s a good thing. Good anger – get comfortable with it, like the best Power Players do.


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