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Melinda Oliver

The ultimate resilience resource, part three: people

Melinda Oliver
8 minute Read

Resilience is one of the key business buzzwords to arise from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has always been essential to survival. Being a resilient business is about being able to adapt rapidly to changing environments. It’s having resilient systems and processes, which in turn help the business to continue operating smoothly in the face of a disruptive event.

COVID-19 is an extreme example of a disruptive event, but with everything changing faster and being more interconnected, a much smaller issue could still bring a business undone, whether that is a competitor, a weather event breaking your supply change, a hacked IT system or the sudden departure of key personnel.

In this four-part SmartCompany Plus series, we’ll dive into four key pillars of resilience — adaptability, digital agility, people and community. We’ll unpack what resilience looks like in these areas, and how they can help your business stand up to the toughest of tests.

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