Meet the 78-year-old who claims to be Australia’s oldest intern

It’s never too late to pursue your dream career, according to the man who believes he is Australia’s oldest intern.

While politicians have previously warned Australian workers to be prepared to work until they’re 70, 78-year-old Ken Holmes is encouraging his peers not to let their age stop them from pursuing their dream career.

Mashable reports Holmes is currently gaining work experience at the Mercy Place Aged Care facility in Parkville in Melbourne, having already completed the theory component of a course in aged care administration.

“I haven’t told my kids what I’m going because I know what they would say … that I should be at home,” Holmes told Mashable.

“But my advice to anyone else my age who is still fit and healthy is to go back to work.”

Holmes previously spent 30 years working as a surgical and scientific toolmaker at Melbourne University and a decade working in the personal care sector. Prior to starting the course in aged care administration, he had been out of the job market having spent time looking after his ill wife.

“I’m doing this course for myself,” he said.

“I’m tired of talking to my dogs and cats who don’t talk back.

“My favourite part of the job is working with older people and if I behave myself I just might get a bed here,” he added.


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