Morale is at an all-time low. How can we keep going?

Hi Aunty B,

We’ve been feeling the pinch of a slow economy this year – as many others have – putting the stress on our cashflow and output.

Two of my employees (who happen to live together) have family issues going on at home and their work performance has significantly dropped. But this is just the time when we need to all hang on for the ride and work our guts out to deliver 110% to our clients so we can remain a viable business (yes that means an extra hour in the office one or two nights a week).

I’ve sat down and spoken to them individually, set incentives (non-monetary) and minimum performance expectations but work output just isn’t being met. I’m pulling seven-day weeks to try and keep things afloat.

I feel like morale is sinking ever lower and if I try to push any harder it’ll just get worse. I’ve tried to be as supportive as possible in turning things around.

I’m running out of ideas… I feel like I’ll be running the whole business myself soon.





Dear Anxious,

Take a deep breath. You just have to keep going. We are at the lowest point. There are green shoots of recovery.

Read Recovery Watch! You need to stay very disciplined but you also need to schedule afternoons off. Ask friends and family for help.

Try to have a day off for a strategy session in order to realign revenue to the new times. Where do you get the most revenue? How can you focus on more?

For your stressed staff, try and give them small tasks to focus on but make sure your staff know they have to put in. A dead boss is no good for anyone!

You must look after yourself!

Be smart

Your Aunty B

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