Move over Millennials: Luxury travel company searches for social media-savvy intern aged 60 or over


A luxury travel company has shown that internships aren’t just for university students and disgruntled graduates.

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Australian travel company Luxury Escapes is looking for an intern over the age of 60 to blog and review hotels on a 10-day expenses paid trip to Bali.

The chosen applicant will be trained over two days in the fine arts of social media, blogging, vlogging and hotel reviewing.

Ten days of luxury travel follows, where the intern will flex their new skills at three different Bali resorts.

Meals, flights, spa treatments, poolside cocktails and day trips are all included, along with $100 daily spending money for other expenses.

Luxury Escapes released a video detailing the internship, strangely featuring ineligible 41-year-old Livinia Nixon as the presenter.

The video warns applicants that working from an exotic location is not all “glitz and glamour.”

“While the senior internship program may not be all poolside cocktails and exotic dining, it will be a fun and exciting opportunity,” promised Nixon.

“We believe Australians with great life experience have so much to contribute to the world of online travel.”

Excited candidates took to social media to express their interest for the job.

“Perfect for me…I promise to bring back souvenirs and duty free grog,” said one commenter

Some younger travel enthusiasts wistfully declared they wished they were 60 years old, likely for the first time in their life.

“Wish it was over 48 – I’d be perfect for this job! I have been the youngest on a few trips with 60+ – does that count?” pleaded another commenter.

SmartCompany has reported on the prevalence of age discrimination against older workers but today the tables seem to have turned.

For those wanting to blog with a friend, the company has stated it will also accept couple applications.


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