My boss is in trouble. Should I look for another job?

Dear Aunty B,

My boss has called a series of meetings to tell us the business is in trouble (as if we didn’t know.)

We are working very long hours and it seems to be making very little difference. The boss says we’ll survive and this is the worst of it.

I have two questions. Is it the worst? I have no time to look for another job. I have loved working here, but is the sensible thing to quit while the Titanic is still floating?





Dear Angelo, Are you nuts?

Let’s look at the positives.

  • You have a boss who is communicating regularly to you. Tick.
  • You have a boss who is telling you the truth. Tick
  • The boss reckons you’ll survive. Tick.
  • The boss is right; this is the worst of it. Tick.
  • Your Titanic is still floating. Big tick.


So why don’t you focus on making sure your company survives? Bosses have long memories and reward loyalty, not rats.

Good luck!

Aunty B


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