My boss is losing it. Should I tell him?

Dear Aunty B,


Our boss used to be nice. Now he is a stressed out, rude so and so, and I think he is losing it in that he is getting very upset about very small things and won’t deal with bigger things.


For example I CC’d him in on a detailed report I sent to a client the other day, and he sent me a note back with a few of my spelling mistakes underlined and he wrote lazy written in the margin. 


But then I had a serious problem with the person with whom I job share – I have young kids. While I leave her detailed notes about where I am up to, she scribbles down a few lines and I am meant to carry on my work from that! Her attitude is affecting my work yet the boss says he is too busy to listen and to report it to the GM (who never listens to anyone.)


Our boss used to walk around our office and crack a few jokes. Now he is mainly in his office but still finds time to make sarcastic comments when we leave at 5.30.

Performance reviews are coming up. Should I give him some honest feedback and let him know that the staff think he is losing it?




Dear Flossie,


Honestly. Can’t you write to someone else? Isn’t there a whingy worker website out there where you might have a better chance of getting a sympathetic hearing?


Has it ever occurred to you that your boss is sitting in his office trying to work out how he can keep your job so you can pay your mortgage, job share, pick up the kids and carry on with your life?

Has it ever occurred to you that he works long hours and most of the weekend trying to steer the business through the worst recession in living memory?


Has it ever occurred to you that he is worried about losing clients and wants everything to be perfect, including your spelling – which quite frankly isn’t that hard to do with spell check.

Has it ever occurred to you to stand in his shoes for just one minute and see what the world looks like?


Because it sounds like he has stood in your shoes and helped you create a position that suits your life.

So when staff performance reviews come around, don’t give him that feedback. See the big picture. Ask how the company is going.  Request that he communicates with you more frankly about how things are travelling. That way you and other staff can think about how best to help him and the company.


You say he was a great boss. With a bit of support he will be again.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B.



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