My boss is playing favourites. Help!

Dear Aunty B,

I’m getting really frustrated at work at the moment. I love my job but I don’t feel I am reaching my full potential.

Part of the problem is that one of my colleagues steals all the attention and all the juicy projects. She’s outgoing and gregarious – everyone loves her and we all feed off her energy – but she tends to block out everyone else in the room.

So when our boss is looking for help, she immediately turns to Ms Outgoing – and I miss out.

I’ve got a lot more to give, but how do I raise this without looking jealous?

Light under a bushel,



Dear Light under a bushel,

Good grief! You know that thing on the front of your face? The one with the teeth and a tongue in it? Your mouth? Well, if it’s not painted on, then start using it!

Seriously, I can’t believe that you are even worrying about how to address this. Your boss, who is probably beside themselves with work and dying for you to step up, will be thrilled to hear your ready to make the next step.

So here’s what you do. Just walk into your boss’s office, shut the door and tell them you’d like to do more and get involved in some bigger projects.

You don’t even need to mention Ms Outgoing. Just tell your boss you’re ready, willing and able to work with whatever teams are being assigned to these new projects.

In fact, maybe try and get yourself into a situation where you can work more closely with Ms Outgoing on a project – she might be able to teach you a few things about being assertive!

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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