My boss won’t give me responsibility or structure. Is it me?

Hi Aunty B,

I work in an organisation that is going through a lot of change and restructure. It’s a very unhealthy work environment and still in crisis. Our new manager was appointed nine months ago to get us through this (not very successful so far) but I did/do have a lot of faith in her skills.

I don’t have a position description or employment contract (despite two years of nagging) and I never know what my job is, what I’m responsible for etc. My main problem is that I keep getting dumped with work that she should be doing herself, doesn’t fit into my understanding of what my job is and isn’t consistent with my pay rate.

For example, I had to work overtime on a Friday afternoon last week to write a funding submission (for a funding body I have never worked under, and a department/service I know very little about). She also had me write a service delivery plan for the submission including an operation restructure phase.

I feel like I’m being given work that indicates she thinks I have a high skill level, but she won’t give me any responsibility, structure or appropriate wages.

What can I do????

Hope you can help.



Hi Frustrated,

Nag? You say you nagged? No one hears nags. Especially nags who have spent two years nagging. In fact it is very easy not to hear a nag which is why a lot of men don’t listen to some women. What you need to do is change tact dramatically. Write a position description, write a contract and write a letter giving yourself a pay rise.

Walk in and ask her to sign them. If she doesn’t sign, you leave. You sound like a bit of a go getter, so go and get a job in an organisation that is professionally run instead of a shambolic mess. You say nothing about enjoying the job or working with nice people so there doesn’t sound much to recommend this at all and life is too short to hang around.

And before you go, point out that your boss is going to be in a lot of trouble when the IR rules come into play on July 1.

You will either get it or you walk. You should also show your boss our IR stories that detail why you need to have position descriptions and employment contracts. Your company should have them anyway, but with the introduction if the new IR regime on July 1, they become more crucial.

Good luck,

Your Aunty B


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