My bubbly personality humiliated the boss – help!

My bubbly personality humiliated the boss – help!

Dear Aunty B,

Occasionally, I have to attend networking functions for work. Recently, I was invited to a drinks event with my boss.

At the event, someone bumped me and I tipped my glass of champagne all down my boss’ dress. I was mortified and apologised profusely. Should I do anything else? She left the function very quickly afterwards and I feel terrible.


Moonee Ponds


Dear Clutz,

Where are these networking functions which serve actual champagne? All the ones I attend only give you sparkling wine, so I’d love a glass of the good French stuff.

There’s only one thing for it in this sort of situation.  Immediately get a glass of red wine and throw it all over yourself.  That way your boss is not the most humiliated person in the room.  She will instantly feel better and like you more.

Be Smart,

Your Aunty B


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5 years ago

If you must publish this brain dead tripe, at least spell “Klutz” properly.