My business name stinks. Is it too late to change it?

Dear Aunty B,


For three years we have been running a successful business. We are doing a major redesign of our branding and website, and the one thing I really want to change is the name of the business.

It is a “made up name” and everyone misspells. It also doesn’t reflect who we are anymore. (My ex business partner who was in charge of marketing and branding chose it, thinking we were going to be the next Google.)

Is it too late to change it? (Please don’t print the name.)




Dear David,


Well, who thought that name up? It is not the best name in the world especially considering three years ago you had a pretty good pick of domain names back then. But guess what? I had heard of your business (although I do have trouble spelling it).


I really think you are stuck with it. One main reason is you can’t change your domain name. I notice you are highly ranked on search engines. Why would you risk breaking all the links from other sites and having Google throw you to the bottom of the sandpit again?


What I suggest is you get a redesign of the name that makes it easy to remember. Then trademark that look and feel. You might come up with some catchy slogan to help people remember the name, but that can be pretty twee. Then redesign your website and marketing materials. You might be surprised how a fresh design can change perceptions.


Good luck!

Your Aunty B


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