My business needs help! Who can I turn to?

Hi Aunty,


I hope you can help. My husband and I have been running a successful landscaping business for six years. As you can imagine things are starting to look more and more difficult as the year progresses as public spending has ceased and landscaping is not taking priority.

I’d like to consult an experienced business person on how to deal with the downturn to avoid having to close the busines. Can you recommend where I can turn?




Dear HA,


Congratulations on a successful six years! And may I wish you all your grit, determination and resilience to get you through these difficult times.


You say that public spending has ceased. Are you kidding? There are billions being pumped into infrastructure, and where there is infrastructure, there is money for landscaping.


For example Julia Gillard’s department has a big project on the go and there is money available there for landscaping. Councils are also receiving a lot of money for infrastructure and these projects will need landscaping.


But you have to move fast and take a very pro-active approach. Our futurist Colin Benjamin, who is also strategy adviser on a number of environmental projects, knows quite a bit about the money available and how you might tap into it. He is also an experienced business person who says he’ll give you a helping hand for free. Give him a call on 0418 148 491 and tell him Aunty B sent you.


And to everyone else reading this: Stay aware. There is a lot of money being spent by both federal and state governments. Keep reading SmartCompany and we’ll keep telling you about all the opportunities in this recession.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B.


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